What are your kayaking plans over Easter? Corsica, Ticino or Piemont? In spring 2014, Sandra Sebelin and a team of German and Austrian paddlers went on a whitewater trip to Albania, a country hardly known for its kayaking. What they found was a real gem, an area full of great rivers, friendly people and magnificent landscapes yet to be discovered by paddlers.

Preparations started six month earlier. With boxes full of gear, Land Rovers overloaded with boats and a dog to complete the team, they hit the road crossing Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro. On the road they paddled rivers to prepare for their final destination. In the northern Alps of Albania just on the border to Montenegro they discovered new white water surrounded by pristine nature. Albania unveiled the most beautiful rivers of clear blue water, with a large variety of grades and difficulties, and steep yet green and fertile canyon walls lining the banks left and right. After four weeks of kayaking, paragliding and cycling, the crew left Albania with the wish to come back and discover more of this beautiful country and its amazing whitewater. Albania, a hiddlen little paradise that you should definitely add to your list of travel destinations for the future. 

Sandra Sebelin is a well versed traveller with her kayak. She is currenctly studying forestry engineering in Southern Germany. Besides competing for the Germany Kayak Freestyle Team she loves going on whitewater trips whenever she manages to escape uni. 

Photos by: Jörg, Fluse, Twitschak, Benni, Basti, Hans, Sandra