Just before I placed my order with Palm I got notified that there was a new article that was put into the catalogue last second. The Horizon shorts, I believe, are the Palm’s first fleece lined water shorts. I own the older Gradient Shorts model and I never really liked them. They were neoprene lined, which is OK, but the liner cut wasn’t too good, I didn’t like the over the knee splash membrane cut and the waist cut just made them expose my liver sometimes. I wasn’t impressed. I’ve never worn any fleece lined shorts before so I was a bit afraid that the Horizon Shorts are going to be even worse.

Nevertheless I placed an order and soon found myself having a big smile when taking them out of the box and trying them on. They look great, perfectly colour matching the rest of the Palm’s sky blue line and the cut felt just perfect. Unfortunately it was still very cold in BC at that time so I didn’t get to use them for another month or two. I wasn’t sure about fleece being the best liner option but I was wrong. Since the first time I took them down the river I knew they were the best and warmest kayaking shorts I’ve ever worn before. And I’ve owned and tested a lot of awesome same-style shorts before. Not only the cut and its looks, but especially the warmth of the water proof outer layer combined with fleece surprised me a lot. I even took a swim in them in the 4 degree Celsius Elaho River. I was amazed by the difference these shorts made. Definitely a good choice!