Scott Robinson has just got back from Uganda, and sent us in this glowing review of our Maverick paddles:

The Maverick G5

My first week of paddling on the Nile was going rather sweetly getting back to grips with playboating and paddling big water in small boat. On the third day in I ended up snapping my paddles on Club wave. NIGHTMARE. After selling most of my kit to be out there they were the only set I had – a school boy error with my paddle breaking rate.


Luckily working for Kayak the Nile I was able to beg borrow and steal paddles from the store (thank you Emily & Sam)

With a wide selection of paddles at my disposal, I always ended with the green Mavericks in my hand. Four months later and after paddling with them every day they are pretty awesome. Always reliable it’s nice to have a set of blades you know you are not going to break  when dropping in the Dutchman and Itanda, those big water beat downs are never fun when your paddles are in two. What I really liked and was slightly surprised about with them being plastic blades was they just had the right amount of power in the blade, I could get myself around no worries, thanks to the Maverick being really responsive and just feeling like a really good solid paddle.


We used them on the river as a clients paddle, from Maverick G1s on our intro days (which is people’s first taste of whitewater) to Maverick G5s for experienced paddlers getting coached on the big stuff.  As an intro paddle or an advanced paddle they just seemed to do the job,  i’m no jedi in a boat but I was super happy paddling with them. Having a tough, durable and nice looking set of paddles in your stores makes life easier (everyone goes for the nice looking kit). Always a bonus having a colourful blade paddling – black paddles are a pain to find if the person going for an underwater survey decides to let go of his surveying stick. Any centre manager, Uni clubs and paddlers who maybe don’t have the budget for the more expensive paddles I would highly recommending getting your hands on a set of these and giving them a try.


CHURSSSSSSSSSSSS chaps – Scott Robinson.

Thanks Scott, we designed the Maverick as a tough, excellent value all rounder and we’re stoked to see they’re doing the job nicely down on the Nile!

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