In the North part of Sweden near the Arctic Circle is Trollforsen lake. A little downstream from the lake, the second part of Euro Cup 2007 was held on the Palt wave. Tomasz and I went there for training before World Championship 2015 with our friend from Umpa Umpa Team – Michał Bulczak.

In the second week of July we got in ferry in Gdynia (Poland) and got out in Karlskrona (Sweden). We drove more than 1,300 km to the North of Sweden. When  we were going to Trollforsen, buildings, houses and peoples shows less. Near the way we saw only trees, water in lakes and rivers. Sometimes we met reindeers in the road.

When we came to the place, we had 30 km to the closest village (Moskosel) and 70 km to small city (Arvidsjaur) where there are some shops. So we are located far of civilization and this thing makes this place more beautiful and natural. We were leaving on lake shore. Around is a huge forest. Water is very clean in lake and river.

We were mostly paddling on the wave, which is downstream from a lake. If you want to get there – just get in the kayak and paddle throught lake. On the end of The Trollforsen Lake in the middle canal starts nice Grade 4 rapid with a big waves, on this rapid is Palt wave. On the right side is a big eddy which helps you back to the playspot. The wave has a lot of foam and it is nice to practice moves, but is a little bit thrusty.

When you are in the middle of the wave it’s easier to go up and set up to the next move using right shoulder. It’s also easier to go aerial there. To go back to camp from the wave, you must walk couple steps on the rock island and paddle back throught lake.

You can also paddle down river, but then you’ll need a shuttle back to camp by car. Don’t think about hitch-hiking, almost nobody drive there! If you go downstream, near is little hole where you can do some hole freestyle moves, but is very easy to flush. Next are some easy and nice Grade 3, 3+ rapids, couple are fun with big waves. There is also huge hole across the whole river, but there is one place on the right which is more wavy and you can simply paddle down. Finish is near the first bridge, and the whole trip takes more or less one hour.

Above the lake is more difficult part of river (Grade 4-5). Our friends from Finland took us there for creeking. This section is very fun and is nice because before every harder rapid you can get out and see whats going on.

Somewhere in the middle part is great waterfall, it’s easy and nice for learning boofs and some fun moves ;) My favorite part is a rapid before the lake. There is a big level difference, it’s very shallow and the water goes very fast, almost like on the huge slide. Next are a couple big holes and entrance to Trollforsen Lake. After paddling we were invited to Finnish suna tent. Very nice solution, especially when is cold.

Besides kayaks we took also fishing rods. In the first couple of days Tomasz cought a lot of fish. So me and Michał had a lot of meals with fish: fish on the grill, fish on the frying pan, fish from the fire and a lot of kibds of fish soups. Mmmm … I ate there the best fresh fish ever. We took a lot of food from Poland and we didn’t have to use it!

When we were packing was raining, but the most days was a good weather. We came back at 28th of July. We spent in Sweden fantastic eighteen days. This is a great place for holiday, training freestyle and creeking. If you want to go there, you must go to Moskosel, drive on E45 and over the bridge (Piteälven) turn left for second road. There are signs to Trollforsen. Follow them and for sure you find this wonderful place.

More photos here!