One of the most classic creek rivers in Spain, the Cinqueta is situated in the valley of Gistaín (Huesca). The river has four different sections, with super continuous and steep rapids and some waterfalls. It’s the best place to spend some days paddling hard and taking good pictures!

How to get there

Go to the village of Plan, it’s a three-hour drive from Sort. Plan is the take-out of the classic section. To get to the put-in you have to drive to the Viados refuge, where the first bridge over the river is the put-in of the Lower Cinqueta. On the bridge is a gauge. In the middle of this section, there is a portage which is super easy to walk around on river right.

This bridge is also the take-out of the classic section, and the put-in is 4 km upstream at a large parking lot. Keep going straight at the last kilometre before the refuge and take a right turn down the road for another kilometre. You’ll find an old farm here, where the 12 m drop called La Virgen Blanca is (that’s the last rapid of the La Pez section). If you can paddle out of the pool, it’s a good level, if not … don’t run it! You can run all the rapids above this one, there are some slides and good boofs which are easy to see from the road, so take a look. Further up, there is another section called Cañon del Gato, which is a series of five sketchy drops – it takes about an hour and a half of walking to get there, so if you have time go take a look, not many people run this section.

La Virgen Blanca, the 12 m waterfall.

La Virgen Blanca, the 12 m waterfall.

Water levels

There is no gauge for this river, so it’s hard to know the levels … but we made a spray mark under the bridge at the take-out in Plan. If the water touches the mark, it’s the perfect level for paddling it all. If not, you need to check each section.

Where to stay

You can sleep in the Viados refuge, the refuge has an open part to sleep, is one of the best landscapes we have ever seen! trust us! Also, you can sleep at the riverside in Plan.

Up next

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