The Bujaruelo is located in the Ara Valley, near of the village of Torla (Huesca). This river has two sections – the Bujaruelo gorge and the classic section, the slides of Bujaruelo. This is one of the most beautiful rivers in Spain with awesome landscapes and perfect slides!

How to get there

If you are staying on the Cinqueta river, it’s super easy … you need to go back to Ainsa Village and drive to Torla for approximately an hour, in Torla take the road to Ordesa and Monte Perdido, and follow the signs to St Nicolas De Bujaruelo and drive twenty minutes to where you will find the put-in for the first section the Bujaruelo Canyon.

Water levels

It’s kind of difficult to know the levels. Normally, if you could paddle the Cinquenta, the Bujaruelo will be good to go, but the best way to know is to go to the section and check it out yourself, if there is too much water, it’s really easy to tell. Also, in the village of Torla there is a gauge, if it’s at 1.60 metres you can run all the sections. If it’s lower, you can only run the slides. And if it’s over two metres, be careful! That section becomes an extreme class 5 run.

When to go

This valley always has more snow than Sort so it’s one of the first to run and the last to end, you can paddle this section from end of April to end of July

Where to sleep

Be careful, this valley is the only place in Spain where the cops don’t agree with the nomad lifestyle. You need to sleep in a campsite, don’t sleep on the streets or in your van. Otherwise, the police will wake you up and you will pay!

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