This fjord is located in western Norway and it’s the narrowest in Norway. At its narrowest point is 250 metres wide, while the mountains soar 1,761 metres above sea level.

For sea kayakers this fjord offers steep mountains, several big waterfalls, great campsites, great hikes, harbour porpoises (phocoena phocoena) and the possibility of having this fjord all to yourself.

One of the larger waterfalls in the fjord

That last point will prove tricky during the summer months as the small towns of Flåm and Gudvangen are overrun with tourists wanting to see the fjords onboard ferries, speedboats and sea kayaks. Campsites during that period can be packed with boy scouts from Great Britain, while boats full of Chinese tourists on a fjord safari sail by your overrun campsite every hour. Not exactly what you expected. I recommend you to visit this fjord outside June and July. The months of April, May, August and September can be great weather wise in this region.

The Nærøyfjord in May, just before the fjord is overrun with tourists

There are three different starting points for a sea kayak trip to the Nærøyfjord. The towns of Gudvangen, Flåm and Undredal all offers good starting points. If you have two cars, paddling from Gudvangen to Flåm is possible as an overnight trip. The good bits is basically between Gudvangen and Undredal.

This campsite is marked as Campsite 1 on the map. It is one of the better ones and frequently used during the summer months

Campsite 1

A possible campsite above the Stigen homestead

There are alternatives to camping on the more well known campsites. If you don’t mind hiking it is possible to hike up the Stigen homestead and find a suitable campsite above the homestead. Just follow the trail past the homestead and you’ll find suitable spots to camp.

Beitelen lookout point

In addition to the many tourists in the fjord during the summer months, other annoyances include the goats near the Stigen homestead. They are extremely keen on nibbling and tasting you and your equipment.

This fjord is worth visiting in a sea kayak. Check the weather and go outside the busy season and you may have a really good sea kayaking experience.

Depending on how warm your sleeping bag is or how well you manage in colder climates, the months of may to September can be good for being outdoors in this region.


Spectacular scenery in the Nærøyfjord