Plattling is one of my most visited places in Europe. It’s always on my way when I’m going to paddle in West Europe. There is a great hole called Isarwelle. When the water level is higher, the right side of the feature turns into nice a wave. It’s a great place to paddle and nice to stay in a tent or campervan.

When does it work?

The best water levels are usually during spring and early summer season. The lowest level for paddling there is around 165 cm. It’s already pretty hard to do a loop because of rocks but still, it’s possible to do McNasty, Fonix Monkey and have fun with vertical moves like cartwheels and splitwheels. Be careful about the rocks with that level and any lower one!

When it’s around 180 cm Isarwelle starts to be world class feature. It still might be a little bit shallow but when you will find a proper loop spot you can do huge Loops, Back Loops and more air moves.  My favourite level is around 190-210 cm then I don’t care about the rocks and the loop spot is pretty wide and easy. With those levels, you can do there every hole move like huge loops or crazy combo moves. Above 210 cm hole which is located on river left is starting to be more wavy but a good wave is on river right. Optimal level for air blunts, or even air screws and pistol flips starts around 240 cm. My favourite level for wave moves is around 250-270 cm and even bigger but with that levels water is pretty close to river bank and it’s good to move the cars and tents away.

You can check the water level here –

Where is it?

The hole is situated on the Isar river in Plattling city in Germany. Staying there in a tent or campervan is free of charge. Near the river, on the both sides are toilets which are usually open.

Freestyle coaching

Plattling is one of our favourite destinations and Tomasz and I go there with our kayak school project. If you would like to join me and Tomasz and train or learn how to do cool freestyle moves from us, contact with us by Czaplickifun kayak school (

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