In the winter it starts to get cold, lots of people are put off by this and do not kayak over this period as much but luckily there are ways to get out on the water and not get put off by the cold. Here are four things I do to not get put off kayaking over the winter.

Wear warm kit

As a kid, I find it difficult to find kit that fits me well. I like to wear the Palm Rocket jacket and Rocket trousers along with two layers of thermals. This keeps me warm and happy.

To stay warmer, wear warm kit which can include drysuits, dry cags, dry trousers as well as lots of thermal layers. When it gets really cold I also wear a skull cap and mitts. Although this could put you in a bit of discomfort at the start, you will get used to it and it will keep you on the water for longer.

Look on the bright side of things

With everything negative comes something positive. For example, all the rain makes the rivers fill up resulting in bigger, more fun whitewater. This is better for the whitewater paddlers running rivers and waterfalls, and to the freestylers some big waves are made and some places such as Hurley weir become more fun.

Indoor pool sessions

This is one of the best ways for freestylers to develop their skills while keeping warm. Flat water is a great way to develop your skills onto whitewater as it will help you get the movement of the trick you are trying to do and it improves your core strength lots. Pool sessions are also good for beginners as it helps them learn how to roll without having the fear of getting cold.

Dry land training

I do a lot of trampolining which helps with my flips and spatial awareness. I practice somersaults, forwards and backwards, with twists. It also helps to keep me fit. I also do a certain amount of stretching to keep myself in good condition.