At Palm, like all of you, we are learning to work and live with the COVID-19 pandemic that is racing through society. As we face uncertain times ahead, we will do so together.

Guiding our actions are three simple principles:

  • To keep our employees safe
  • To continue to serve customers with the highest standards possible
  • To do our part to slow community spread, so that the most vulnerable people are able to get the care they need

At our factory in Clevedon and our facility in Vietnam, we have implemented precautions to protect each other. Additional hygiene materials were added a few weeks ago and procedures put in place for staff distancing and reducing all but necessary travel. We are applying these same efforts to anyone visiting our sites.

We remain open and are able to keep supporting our customers with products and services. As part of the recreation sector many of our retailers run small operations and we know they have significant challenges ahead. Over the years, they have helped Palm become successful and we will do what we can to support them now. We’d encourage you to do the same.

We’ll all face restrictions on movement in one form or another for a period of time. For those lucky enough to get outdoors, paddling offers a pretty good and safe way to get exercise and relax. Remember to stay safe and above all, follow government guidance to protect the wellbeing of the community. For those in lockdown, we’ll play our part in keeping inspiration going, keeping our communication open and we will support events we were due to take part in where we can. 

Above all keep in touch, keep looking out for each other and if you can … keep paddling.

The Palm Team