You’ve been making some amazing model paddlers!

Never before has kayaking seen such progression in the space of two weeks! First descents were ran, fresh lines discovered, new moves invented and groundbreaking designs created.
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Snowy Robertson

Here’s our gallery of the entries to the latest Palm Groms challenge set by Dagger’s designer Snowy Robertson over on our Facebook – to make yourself a model paddler. Check them out below, and some of the amazing videos you’ve sent in too beneath the gallery …

Keep sending in your model paddler photos and videos, share them in the comment thread on Facebook, or email them to – and we’ll add yours to the gallery!

Epic downriver tricks – Oliver Lloyd

River Rascals Gary and Gavin – George Whittal-Williams

George Jr shredding Upper Fox Falls – George Whittal-Williams

Babita Acida, little acid dribble – by Julio Martos

Babita Acida, the making of – Julio Martos

Big wave surfing – Stephane Jubier