Check out your amazing entries to the Palm Groms’ challenge set by videographer and explorer Joe Rea-Dickins over on our Facebook … to make your own paddling movie with stop frame animation. Check them out below …

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Rowan – age 12 – the water looks pretty inviting, maybe a good spot for snorkelling!

Cameron & Ross – age 12 & 9 – Zoomify Grommatici! ↯

Ollie – age 14 – the headcam footage from this drop must be awesome!

So, this is Harry's entry to this week's Palm groms challenge. Another foamie boater was created so our original one had a buddy and they went off to explore darkest Rossendale, with a first descent of the Limey Water. Water levels were at scrape, but you can't have everything. Directed by Harry, filmed by me (no, I wasn't going to let Harry use my new camera!). Props by Harry, ably assisted by Dad

Posted by Heather Taylor on Wednesday, 6 May 2020
Harry – age 15 – great use of sound and music to build tension!

So decided to have some fun inside and do a stop motion of paddle boarding down the stairs 😂🚣‍♀️🏄‍♀️ we have paddle kit…

Posted by Elspeth Alice Adams on Saturday, 2 May 2020
Elspeth – adult – paddleboarding down the stairs!

Kailix – age 6 – real rocks and cotton-wool waves, very clever!

George – age 14 – making magic happen with ‘pop!’

Peter – adult – this kind of animation is called a cinemagraph