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Mark Crame

Lowestoft, Great Britain. Fishing since he was a toddler, and now working nights to make the most of daylight fishing hours, Mark’s on a constant hunt for the next paddling trip, and the next catch. Living only a stone's throw from the sea he spends his life with ears full of sand, skin glazed in salt and a car smelling of squid, and it’s this kind of commitment which we applaud. If you’ve got questions about fishing from a kayak (or anywhere else for that matter), you’ll go a long way before you find anybody better informed, or more obsessed.

Gliding upwards

This is a customised excerpt ... One innovative product that Palm have brought out recently and which grabbed my attention was the Glide. Designed for the...

Setting up my PFD

So it was time I replaced my trusty Kaikoura with something else. The choice was easy – I replaced it with another, new model Kaikoura....