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Blue water and clean moves in Slovenia

Andraž Krpič

Ljubljana, Slovenia
A graduate in Cultural Studies and Social Anthropology, Andraž’s love of social sciences implies that he had a plan once to do more than just spend most of his days outdoors and play on some of the best whitewater in the world. With over 25 years since he first sat in a kayak and almost 15 years of working in various whitewater instructing positions, from coaching kayaking and river rescue techniques to guiding rafts, he can’t deny that the outdoors is the only office he feels comfortable in and that kayaking is his life passion. Not many people will put as much strain on Palm gear as Andraž, often rafting in the morning and kayaking in the afternoon of the same day. He uses most of the Palm gear range, depending on what part of the world he is currently working/playing in, so don’t hesitate to ask him for an advice if you need help deciding on what Palm product is best for you. He has spent the last few years following the summer and a range of whitewater industry jobs around the world. His favorite for the last few years has been the west coast of BC - Squamish in particular. Even though he is equally in love with his home country of Slovenia and the Alps, it is just hard to beat the fact that Squamish and surrounding areas never run out of water during summers. After all, whitewater kayaking is the main thing motivating his traveling. His experiences make him a valuable team member in expedition kayaking. He is proud to be a part of the amazing whitewater community and has deep respect for the older generation that helped construct a current legacy of whitewater kayaking. Young guns respect him for consistent good lines and for constantly kicking their asses on extreme kayaking races. Check his Palm blog and his personal blog for descriptions and reasons for why he uses some of the Palm gear.

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