Back in early spring I excitedly ripped open the big brown box that had to contain my shiny new, bright yellow Lofoten suit. This is the first sea kayaking dry suit I have considered wearing because it is designed for women, with features and fit to keep me comfortable all day on the sea. Ladies … the Lofoten suit is my new love!

So what are the features that will really win you over make life at sea that much more enjoyable? The fleecy neck collar and hood, zip up and keep you cozy while the elements are really kicking off.

The glideskin neck seal really make a difference to the all day wearability of the suit. Even when wet and salty the neck seal is comfortable and doesn’t rub like latex, yet provides a watertight seal for the wet and wild days. I was very happy to be wearing my suit at 6:00 am the other morning when I didn’t quite execute a perfect launch, a fast wake up call but still comfortable and dry is what make a dry suit so appealing.
The all-round design of these ocean paddling features allows me to quickly change and adapt the level of their weather protection, just as easily as the British weather likes to change.
Fleecy hand warmer pockets and a cozy collars are all cherries on the cake in my opinion, but the real game changer for me was the drop seat relief zip.
Yes! A suit that is designed for us ladies to have the same level of comfort as the chaps. No longer do we have to resort to those hideously awkward ‘shewee’ devices or stripping off the whole shabang to relieve ourselves when nature calls. The Lofoten has a relief zip that allows ladies to sort themselves out the traditional way, and combined with the Palm Trisuli thermal onesie I can only rave about how happy I am to be wearing the combo.

The well-designed fit of the suit means my range of movement is free. There are no patches of bulky material to get in my way and the sleeves are just the right length. Some days I find myself climbing into my suit at eight in the morning and stepping out of it at eight at night without a second thought.
I am happy to be taking my Lofoten suit on my next expedition and I am sure it will keep my smiling even on the coldest of days in Patagonia.