Some of our whitewater PFDs have shipped with an incorrect sized chest harness attached

This potentially affects:

  • FXr PFDs
  • Extrem men’s PFDs purchased from 2014 onwards.

The wrong sized harness potentially allows the quick release buckle to move behind the PFD’s pocket, hindering the quick release mechanism.

As a precaution we are asking owners of the above PFDs to carry out the following checks.

How to check your chest harness

Step 1

Check that the plastic triglide is sitting on top of the retaining loop:


Step 2

With the triglide in place, check that the quick release buckle is not being pulled behind the PFD pocket

Step 3

Contact us

If you find that he quick release buckle is being pulled behind the pocket, then contact Palm directly ( Give us your name, model/size of PFD, postal address and a contact phone number. We will post you a replacement harness as quickly as possible.

The PFD is still safe to use when the quick release harness is not in use, or with the harness completely removed from the PFD.

If anybody you know has one of the PFDs listed above, please make sure they are aware of this safety advisory.

Thank you for your help, we are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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