Check out nine new SUP tutorial videos from Sam Ross, which will take you from leaving shore all the way to a 360° nose spin. You can find the YouTube playlist here … or watch them right here:

Setting up your SUP and launching

SUP paddling on your knees and standing up

SUP basic paddling

SUP step back turn

SUP paddling using your core

SUP reverse paddle turn

SUP paddle slap

SUP improved paddling technique

SUP nose 360

Sam says:

This summer I spent lots of time on the water, coaching, racing and paddling but I’ve also spent some time putting some tuition videos together.

With the help of Palm and Red Paddle Co, I’m really happy to be able to present the first in my series of ‘How to videos’.

We filmed the first set of videos at Bray Lake Watersports earlier this year, covering the basics of SUP plus a few turns that should make you a bit more nimble on the water. I hope you enjoy them and watch out for racing and surf videos coming next. A big thanks to Globalshots for the filming.