A new place for freestyle spot opened on the 14th of November in Graz. Kayakers from Kanu Club Graz built a playspot on the small river near the River Mur.

Tomasz and I came to Graz couple days after the opening day, so we took kayaks and went to try it.  The playspot looks very nice. It is situated between two concrete walls and is very regular in shape. Tomasz was very excited. He immediately started to love this place. After a couple minutes he started linking moves in long combinations.

After our first session we observed one funny thing. Mostly when you want do a big loop or space godzilla you should push down the front of your boat very hard at the beginning. Here it is better to go more on the green water and start your loop more flat. Then you can jump very high during loop or space godzilla :D I think it’s cool thing especially for beginners who start to learn loops :)

We stayed there a few days and with every session we had more fun. I started to get huge McNasties and big phonics monkeys. Tomasz did there probably everything! Some trophy move to trophy … I don’t know. I don’t comprehend what he is doing there :P When I asked him what he can say about this place, he said: ” The Mugl Wave is one of the best places to train freestyle kayaking in the World”.