I had never been too bothered about buying a onesie. I already had decent enough leggings and thermal tops to bother with the same thing but joined together … until one beautiful night spent under the stars in Chile with ever the gentleman, Bren Orton (never fear ladies – Bren remains the most eligible bachelor). It was the infamous Puesco Fest, an all nighter, all weekend, non-stop kayak and river loving awareness festival held in the beautiful mountains surrounding Pucon. Regular festival goers had set up camp with tents, awnings, little carts and cool boxes. I rocked up with a sleeping bag and hoped for the best.

After copious amounts of dancing, pizza and mulled wine, it got to that point in the night when I did my disappearing act. I worked my way back up the steep track through woodland and a maze of tents until I found the spot with no tent, just a lot of bodies, bags and smouldering fires. Although it may sound like a horror movie, it was in fact very serene and awe inspiring. The music could faintly be heard in the valley down below us, voices chattering around us, and those incredible stars up above us.

But finally – the point I’ve been coming to. Bren had earlier gallantly offered me his Palm onesie to sleep in (one of the most selfless acts from a guy. Ever) and I snapped his hand off without even checking if it had ever seen a washing machine (it hadn’t, but it was still new – winner!) I slipped it on and even though it was the men’s fit, I stayed snug as a bug in a rug all night. It changed my view of onesies altogether.

The cool thing is, since I’ve returned and purchased my very own female specific onesie (a Tsangpo), I’ve discovered that it really doesn’t need washing (due to the built in anti-smell treatment), and it is just as wonderful wearing it under separates as it is under a drysuit (or in a sleeping bag for that matter). The fact it keeps your tummy and lower back warm when moving around – no more riding up, no more layers all desperately being tucked into high waist leggings. The fit is snug in a good way, I wear a medium and that is at my post-travelling size (fried empanadas, churros, cheese melted in hot chocolate – yes, that’s a thing). Even The Man said for such a potentially uncool garment, it actually looks good.

Just the fact that it is super cosy fluffy material on the inside that feels like you are cuddling a baby rabbit all day wins me over. It also sports a bum flap which I have tested on both loos and in fields. Easy – elasticated drop down seat which means it doesn’t dangle on the floor in the inevitable. It is not bulky, but totally toasty meaning I will happily take it everywhere with me from now on, including skiing next week. Yeeow!

In case you’re wondering, other worthy items I envied that night were: a padded paddle bag for excellent ground sheet and partial cover, and a tarp. With these three simple items, I confirm that you can sleep through anything.

Ciao from Georgie @ GB Women’s Raft Team