Meet the Palm team for 2017! Familiar and fresh faces, all pushing our sport to new places, out on the water sharing the love for paddling, and testing our gear to its limit. They are our biggest fans, and our toughest critics.

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We’re excited for what’s to come from the progressive whitewater mindset of Bren Orton, and the raw talent of the Salvat brothers Aleix and Ian. Once again we’re joined by accomplished extreme racer and slalomist Martina Wegman, and global paddling hero and super nice guy Ben Brown. International adventurers, coaches and river rats Anne Hubner, Jake Holland and Lowri Davies also bring their considerable talent and river knowledge to the mix.

Aleix Salvat – pure talent and style for miles

We’re also proud to be working with some of the very finest coaches, from seasoned master Simon Westgarth, at the forefront of whitewater coaching for the past decade, to newcomer Chris Brain, who already has a long list of achievements under his belt. Phil Clegg and Olly Sanders, bring an unmatched level of sea kayaking experience and expertise to the team.

Chris Brain – coach, gentleman, and frisbee rescuer

We’re putting our mind to environmental projects, such as local river and beach cleans, and the optimistic new Free Rivers Fund. After her hard work with Paddle Against Plastic in 2016, we’re excited to continue working with environmental activist and SUP paddler Cal Major. And our long term team member Andraž Krpič will be our man in the field working with the Balkan Rivers Tour to raise awareness and fight to protect the free flowing rivers of Eastern Europe.

Cal Major’s epic mission is to clean up our coastline

Zosia racking up the winter air miles

Our freestyle team features young rippers Harry Price and Dan Hale, who have been tearing it up on the UK freestyle scene in the past couple of years, as well as World Championship finalists, and World Cup winners, Tomasz Czaplicki, Zosia Tula, and Alan Ward.

North Western Europe is home to some of the best  sea kayaking in the world, and also our sea kayaking ambassadors. Joining us for 2017 is Norwegian photographer and sea paddler Kristoffer Vandbakk, alongside the British adventurer Erin Bastian and marine biologist, Dr Lou Luddington.

Kristoffer has an eye for a photo (the local geography helps too)

If like us, you’re hooked on kayak fishing, you’ll be glad to pick up tips and stories from our kayak fishing team; Liam Faisey, Gary Robinson, David Morris, Mark Crame, and Ed Gibson.

Liam Faisey with tonight’s catch

Stand up paddleboarding has become an established branch of paddlesports, with it’s own style, and stories. We’re stoked to welcome back coach and racer Sam Ross, as well as Ben Payne, one of a very few competent whitewater SUP paddlers. Back too with ever more punishing challenges, and his sidekick hound Stumpy, is ‘blind and dangerous’ adventurer Dean Dunbar.

Dean Dunbar – not afraid of a wee spot of ice

Palm is proud to support river rats across the world, who live to paddle, and represent Palm’s mission of sharing the love for paddling with everybody they meet. Our local heroes for 2017 include: Joe Rea-Dickins, Malte Schroeder, Toni George, Eddy Mead, Sara James, Lucien Schreiber, Paula Volkmer, Laura Griffin, Andrew Regan, and Tomo Andrassy.

We look forward to great year. Follow the team’s top-tips and adventures on Facebook, Instagram, and right here on the Palm blog. Welcome to the Palm team 2017!