Driven by a passion for preserving and protecting our beautiful coastline, Cal spent last summer circumnavigating Devon and Cornwall, cleaning beaches along the way, promoting and encouraging others to take on the issue of plastic in our oceans. After supporting Cal’s epic mission last summer, we’re really excited to have her join the Palm team for 2017 …

Hometown? Westward Ho! North Devon.

Where did you last paddle?

A sneaky sunset SUP home from Croyde beach to Westward Ho! We organised a beach clean at Croyde, and it was such a beautiful day – I spent a lot of the clean looking longingly at the water so decided to paddle home rather than drive.

What are your best paddling memories?

Paddling around Cornwall last year. There are so many good memories. I love seeing sunfish in the water, and I love the glassy, sunny, turquoise days. But there is also a special place for the tough days, foggy, rainy, windy, when you get to your destination feeling complete physical and mental exhaustion, but a real sense of achievement for having made it, still with a smile on your face and able to laugh about it with your buddy.

Where should everybody go paddling once?

Rame Head in Cornwall, just West of Plymouth. It’s a very beautiful area, with some incredible scenery to explore, and some stunning beaches and coves.

What else do you like to do when you’re not out paddling?

I love to surf, that connection with the waves is so freeing and empowering. I also like to kite surf (pretty badly) which makes me feel like a complete badass; its like being a kid on an obstacle course with a soft landing. I like downhill mountain biking too, for similar reasons, only without the soft landing.

What’s your best advice for other paddlers?

Learn, never stop learning, and be open to discovering new information! Learn about conditions, wind, tides, swell, and learn your limits. Don’t underestimate your vulnerability to the elements and the ocean, you are well and truly at its mercy. Having said that, when you have a comfortable understanding of the conditions and your ability, paddling in challenging conditions can be really rewarding. And explore … take yourself out on adventures!

What are your favourite bits of kit?

By far my favourite bit of kit at the moment is my NeoFlex leggings. They’re super flexible and comfy, and perfect for flat water paddling, when you’re legs are getting wet but the rest of you is staying dry.

Where is left on your list of places to go?

Basically everywhere I haven’t yet been! Scandinavia, I would love to paddle the fjords in Norway.

Describe your perfect day on the water?

It would have to be a couple of days. I love exploring and finding untouched beaches, so it would be a fairly long paddle to explore a bit and build up an appetite, with the sun out, light winds behind my back and some good company. A paddle to a deserted beach, catch a few mackerel along the way, then camp overnight on the beach and BBQ the mackerel on a driftwood fire. Sounds cheesy, but there really is nothing better than time spent exploring with mates in the summer!

What are you most looking forward to in 2017?

I’m excited to re-engage with the little things that make SUP-ing so much fun. Exploring with friends, dawn SUPs, and discovering new places. I didn’t give my mates much of a look in last year as I was busy planning and executing the SUP around all of Cornwall, so this year I’m excited for fun, laughter and a lot of mackerel beach BBQs. I’m also looking forward to planning the next big Paddle Against Plastic expedition – watch this space!