The Boavi River is one of the most complete rivers in the whole area, full of slides, amazing rapids and fast technical rapids … but also the most difficult to find with water.

How to get there

Based on the fact that our base is in Sort we have to go to Llavorsi on the C-13 road, after about fifteen minutes driving we arrive at Llavorsi where we have to turn right towards Tavascan on the L-504 road.

Water levels

Due to a dam above the Boavi River, it is very difficult to find a good level of water in the river. Normally we get to paddle it once or twice a year, when all the other rivers are giants this is the best option, but do not fall asleep because it can go from hours of being perfect for paddling to being dry again.

When to go

The best dates to find the rivers in this area are from mid-May to early July.