Agra, India

Where did you last paddle?

Emerald waters of river Soča in Slovenia.

What are your best paddling memories?

Every day on the river Ganges was perfect – yes the water can be mega polluted but the variety of experiences and scenery, the curiosity and the kindness of people and the spiritual energy of the river makes it all very special. It feels like home.

What else do you like to do when you’re not out paddling?

I grew up Delhi – a super busy, super urban city of 25 million people and now I live in London, so I take any excuse to travel and get outdoors. I do a lot of writing and speaking so I spent a fair bit of my off-work time on it. I also LOVE dancing (and festivals when they involve costumes) and finding super yummy things to eat and drink.

What’s your best advice for other paddlers?

There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear – so make sure that you don’t compromise on your gear, especially your safety gear!

What are your favourite bits of kit?

PFDs – Kaikoura because I wore it every single day on the Ganges and it almost became a piece of me. Glide for those hot summer days. Safety kit – the quick release belt is so handy for moving water. Gloves – the Palm Talons that I used in a few super cold SUP races this year – there is a huge degree of movement freedom while keeping one’s hands warm enough. Finally, the Paw booties are lifesavers on cold days paired with Tsangpo socks!

What is left on your list of places to go?

So many places, such little time but I think Iran & parts of Central Asia are pretty high up on the list. As is Alaska, Greenland and someday, Antarctica. This year I hope to make it out to Myanmar where we support a fantastic climate park.

Describe your perfect day on the water?

To paddle somewhere I have not been before, in the company of friends old and new. I love getting people out on a board on the water for the very first time, it’s even better if we can combine our environmental work with paddling! Hopefully finishing with a cold beverage or two before retiring to a tent or a bivvy for the night!

What are you most looking forward to in 2018?

Furthering my adventurous activism mission, exploring more bodies of water around the world, introducing more people and diversity to the sport, embarking on my next expedition!