Warm dry feet make everything just fine

  • The waterproof fabric socks on our dry trousers and dry suits are a luxury that will make you smile all winter.

  • Keep your socks clean clear of car park gravel rash by stepping out of your high-tops onto a Universal Mat.

  • Fleecey Tsangpo socks with Polygiene odour control are just the thing to wear under your dry socks.

  • Add 2 mm thin Index neoprene socks over the top if you want to add even more insulation and another layer of protection for your dry socks.

  • And if you don’t have a dry suit or dry trousers and your feet are going to get wet … leave a change of your thickest, wooliest socks in the car to for after your session.


Warm hands make light of icy water

  • Spend ten minutes at the start of your session paddling hard (or do a warm up before you hit the water) raising your heart rate over 120 beats per minute to get your blood pumping. The water won’t feel nearly as cold after you have worked up a light sweat.

  • Planning for shorter, more intense paddles in the winter can get you your fix of exercise without being chilled to the marrow.

  • We’ve got gloves and mitts for all sorts of occasions … flip those Talon mitts back for dexterous tasks … super warm fabric Current mitts for marathon paddlers … High Five gloves sized for kids … and neoprene Descent pogies for the whitewater warrior, to name a few.

  • Your core matters … adding an extra layer (like an Arun baselayer under your Tsangpo fleece) keeps you from chilling to a point where your extremities get less blood flow — the Tsangpo gilet is also a great way to throw on an extra layer of insulation to your core without adding bulk around your arms.


Warm thoughts

  • Keep a Tsangpo hat tucked down the front of your cag, for any time you find yourself stood around in the cold … a quick wring out will be more than enough to make the fine Pontetorto fleece warm again even if you get soaked through.

  • Save your ears … surfer’s ear is no joke, especially if you’re out paddling in the cold. Add a skull cap, like our Header or Pilot; they even fit under your helmet.


Aprés paddle

  • Change in the warm. The Poncho Grande changing robe is a great way to protect yourself from the elements while you dress, with its fleecy liner, windproof shell and roomy interior.

  • Separate your wet gear in a 24 litre Classic dry bag – then when you reach for your thermals in your River Trek pack sack, they’ll be kept separate from the rest of your wet gear.

  • Wrap your thermos of hot sweet tea for after in your fleecey changing robe as you get changed – your tea will stay warmer longer and it’ll be right there for you when you come to change at the end of your paddle.

  • Check your gear before the paddling season starts, a new folding knife, whistle, karabiners.

  • Take a torch … a waterproof runners headlamp with a red flashing light at the back is great for making sure you’re seen … with short days you never know if you might be paddling back in the dark.

  • Pack cool T-shirt to rock in the café afterwards like the new Nile Special T-shirtOn the Brain T-shirt or one of our classic Palm sweatshirts.

  • Stay topped up with your favourite liquids with a Palm stainless steel water bottle #RefuseSingleUse #PaddleAgainstPlastic.