In time for autumn we’ve completely updated our line of neoprene accessories: and added new surf hoods, NeoFlex gloves and fingerless gloves to the mix. They’re made from more environmentally friendly oil-free limestone neoprene.

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On the new gloves, headwear, socks and boots you will see a blue, grey, green and orange colour highlights, which makes it easy to spot the right kind of neoprene for you. The highlight colour denotes the thickness, lining and special finishes. Check out the video run through below to find out which one is for you …

Blue – jersey lined neoprene

Blue neoprene items are standard 3 mm thick chloroprene rubber with a nylon jersey fabric inside and out and a robust edge binding. Insulating, waterproof and windproof neoprene for everyday use.

Grey – NeoFlex

Grey neoprene items are super thin NeoFlex. The 0.5 mm thickness makes these items extremely well fitting. Extra warmth and comfort comes from the knitted Thermospan lining. For active use in mild conditions.

Green – titanium stretch

Green items are very stretchy Neospan neoprene, with a thickness of less than 2 mm. Extra insulation comes with the titanium coating which reflects your body heat back at you. Several of these items have GlideSkin gaskets to seal around you wrist or ankle. For freedom of movement in colder water.

Orange – Quick Dry thermal lined

Orange items are thicker 3-4 mm neoprene with a Quick Dry thermal lining. The high-loft nylon/polyester waffle lining drains freely, it’s dry to the touch and highly insulating. Several of these items have GlideSkin gaskets to seal around you wrist or ankle. Our warmest gloves, socks and boots for the coldest conditions.