Of all the places I have been lucky enough to travel to it’s the rivers of Norway that my mind wanders to most easily. There are so many incredible, classic rivers, discovered decades ago that have stood the test of time and still so many more to be found. Last year I just managed to get into the country during the end of the season. This year as soon as I saw the river levels begin to rise I loaded up my car and ripped up to Norway. 

Arriving at the top of the Myrkdal river to see snow still lining the banks and feeling the temperatures still on the frosty side I thought my enthusiasm may have gotten the best of me. At least until I put on the river, then I remembered all too well why I was here. 

Since that first session, I have been going as hard as I can to get all of the classics, redo some big sets and hit some new ones. Here are a couple of moments from the first part of the trip that I found especially good. 

Eksingdal – photo Halvor Heggem


A huge rolling waterfall just outside of Voss. The horizon line at the top is stunning and the ride down is really smooth, all be it with a scary jump over the rock shelf in the landing. I was soo happy with this line, I didn’t even flip!

Tysselva – photo Laura Hofberger

Tysselva slide

A firm reminder that my favourite thing to look at is the water doing cool stuff. Amazing how the rock shelf makes this huge wave way the top and that crazy spray in the middle!

There is a seventeen metre waterfall at the end of this rapid, I sent it and it went perfectly but my god that was a rowdy one!

photo Adrian Mattern


Top to bottom on one of the best rivers in the world. Took us well over ten hours with a big crew, multiple laps down the best rapids and filming everything.


Double Drop megaboof. Incredible to catch this thing at high water and be able to boot it as hard as I can and not worry about the impacts because the landings are so well padded.

Teigdal Double Drop – photo Adrian Mattern

There are countless other amazing days I have had throughout the first part of the trip but these are just a couple of the highlights. Excited to show you all the other stuff I have been up to on this trip so far!