Not sure what to gift the paddlers in your life this holiday season? Check out this list of top ten gifts for paddlers – whether they’re into kayaking, canoeing, kayak fishing, pack rafting or paddleboarding, we’ve got something that suits everyone. Featuring items for every budget and some of our latest product releases, these gifts are sure to stand out.

1. Vantage jacket

Vantage jacket

A great all-rounder – this single waist paddling jacket is quick and easy to throw on when the weather changes. Whether you’re on a paddleboard, in a kayak or caught out in a downpour walking the dog, this jacket has got you covered. It’s even got a fleece-lined kangaroo pouch pocket to keep their hands warm and out of the wind, and it packs down into its own hood to store away.

Suitable for all sorts of paddlesports as long as you don’t plan on taking a dip – you might want one of our jackets with neck and wrist seals for that!

2. Solo Vest PFD

Solo Vest PFD

This has only just arrived, so it’s almost guaranteed the paddlers in your life won’t have one of these PFDs yet. It’s the perfect PFD for paddleboarders, recreational kayakers and canoeists, especially those that want a low profile, slimline PFD – this makes it great for moving around and climbing back on should you fall in. It’s even got a neat expanding front pocket.

3. Rogen suit

Rogen suit

If you’re looking to splurge a little or have a bigger budget, this one will definitely be appreciated. Suitable for all sorts of recreational paddlers especially paddleboarders, this suit is just what you need as it gets colder. It’s got soft neoprene seals and built in dry socks to keep the water out, so you can layer up however you want underneath. It’s even made out of recycled 4-layer fabric. It’s a great step up from a wetsuit.

4. Ozone drybag

Ozone drybag

Looking for something a little smaller and still practical? Our Ozone drybags are very popular among all types of paddlers. It’s transparent, which makes it easy to find what you need, and has a roll down closure to make it watertight. It comes in 3, 5, 10 and 20 litre sizes.

5. Horizon shorts

Horizon shorts

These are the comfiest fleece-lined paddling shorts you’ll wear. It’s got a waterproof and windproof shell made from recycled nylon, and the fleece inside is made from recycled bottles. Unlike most boardshorts on the market, it’s designed for paddlers, so it’s comfy and practical for paddling while sat down or stood up. It’s even got a roomy, unobtrusive thigh pocket so you can keep your keys or phone close to hand.

6. Paddle leash

Paddle leash

Ideal for when you want to stop for a drink or take a photo while paddling. A paddle leash lets you safely put your paddle down without losing it. Simply attach one end to your paddle shaft and the other to your deck line or over your wrist.

7. Pilot cap

Pilot cap

Keep ice cream head at bay with our favourite neoprene cap. It’s made with 2 mm Quick Dry thermal neoprene and will keep your head warm in windy conditions and in cold water.

8. Index socks

Index socks

You can never have too many pairs of socks! Our lightweight and warm Index socks are super stretchy and great to wear inside water shoes, by themselves or over drysuit socks with thermal socks inside. Keeping your feet warm will make a huge difference to your paddling experience, especially all the paddleboarders and sit-on-top kayakers out there.

9. Arc throwline

Arc throwline

Got safety in mind? This compact and speedy throwline is perfect for water rescues. For its small size you’ll be surprised at the 12.5 m of 8 mm rope it contains, and how far and fast it throws. Not only that, but the shape of the lid makes it easy to hold and repack. Like all of our throwline range, it features our Quickclip clean line attachment point, designed with safety in mind.

10. Neck scarf

Neck scarf

Make an active contribution to cleaning the sea with this Seaqual approved recycled neck scarf. Great for use both on and off the water, it can be worn as a headband, hat, balaclava, neck warmer or pirate bandana. Fast drying and highly breathable, the polyester fibre in this scarf is made from upcycled marine PET plastic.