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Bren Orton

Great Britain. In transit to next destination. Bren is known for huge freestyle moves, as well as his trademark creativity. With impressive results in The Whitewater Grand Prix, Bren's been racking up freestyle and racing results alongside the best in the world. To be found on tour in the US, travelling the world, or going huge at the UK's freestyle venues, Bren's equally at home on huge rapids and waterfalls. Visionary, paddling machine and all round nice guy, look out for him on a river near you!

How to hold your breath longer

*Disclaimer, apnea training can be dangerous. Do not practice your breath holds in the water. Kayaking is an incredible sport – making a beautiful, ever-changing,...

Dinkey Creek

My excitement levels peaked and reached breaking point when on our first day in California we received news that Dinkey Creek was at a prime...
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