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Andy and Bob's internationally British shed

Gear for Paddlers

The year was 1979. The location: the Somerset coast. Inside a small shed with a leaky tin roof stood a figure, working hard and covered in a fine layer of glass fibre dust. This was Andy Knight, a man who wanted some better gear to take paddling, and had decided to make it himself. The sign on the door read ‘Palm Glass Fibre Mouldings Ltd’.

Just down the road from the shed, Andy can still be found working away on something new. The shed is now a little bigger, and many more figures toil away, but Andy and the team at Palm still work with the same determination and the same goal: making gear for paddlers.

Palm Equipment International Ltd is based in Somerset, England. From here we supply the Palm apparel brand, kayaks from Dagger, Islander and Wilderness Systems, and canoes from Mad River Canoe – everything you need to take to the water.

Palm and our associated brands are available through a worldwide network of shops, activity centres and distributors. Palm products are designed in-house and made by those who share our values.

Palm, Dagger, Wilderness Systems, Mad River Canoe, Islander, Infinity

Our brands

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Creating gear for paddlers and water professionals since 1979, including clothing, equipment and accessories. Founded in Somerset by champion surf kayaker, Andy Knight. Designed and made in Great Britain and our factories in Asia – distributed worldwide.

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From the mountains to the sea, Dagger’s whitewater, touring and crossover kayaks are team tested and paddler proven. It was founded in 1988 by Joe Pulliam and friends in Tennessee, and today we mould much of the Dagger line here in Clevedon, distributing throughout Europe.

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Sea kayaking, touring, fishing and sit-on-tops. Wilderness is a premium brand of kayaks and the leaders in their class. We manufacture some models at our Clevedon factory and import others from America and Eastern Europe. We distribute them in mainland United Kingdom.

Mad River Canoebookmark

Making open canoes since 1971. Founded by Jim Henry in Vermont, Canada. Mad River Canoe has a strong heritage in pioneering the use of materials to make canoes for placid and moving water. We make the Explorer TT model right here in Britain as well as outfitting other models to a range of finishes. Palm distributes Mad River Canoe products in mainland United Kingdom.

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Sit-on-top and sit-in kayaks for surfing, touring and exploring. We make the award-winning Islander kayaks and accessories here in Clevedon for distribution throughout Europe and beyond.



Sponsorship is a shared commitment, supporting individuals, trips and events whose activities help to develop the sport, and benefit the profile of our brands.

Who and what we sponsor

We support a select team of ambassadors and explorers who push the envelope of paddling, and push the limits of our gear. We develop our products in close cooperation with our team of paddlers, putting our gear through the most rigorous testing possible. If it works for them, we can be sure it’ll work for you.

We collaborate with grassroots organisations who use Palm equipment to help more people experience and enjoy being on the water. We also support select groups who take an active role in protecting and caring for the water environment we all love.

In recent years there has been a marked increase in the number of charitable challenges and events taking place. Whilst many are worthy, Palm cannot provide assistance to all who seek support. Generally, we don’t respond to charitable canvassers, preferring to support causes and events we have chosen ourselves.

Many individual requests for sponsorship are to support travel, coaching or competition. If you are seeking sponsorship, our advice is to further increase your skills, exposure or results and to consider starting a partnership at local level with a shop.

If you feel your activities are similar to those we currently support, have a unique angle or can promote the Palm brand to a wider audience, then please use our sponsorship application form to submit a request.

Read a guide to sponsorship

Sponsorship application form

The form should be submitted a minimum of sixty days before any event. Palm sponsorship programmes run all year round, from 1st January to 1st January. Applications should be received before the end of November of the preceding year.


Please check our blog for vacancies 


New dealer enquiry

If you are interested in becoming a Palm dealer, please contact us with your location and business details to receive an account application form.

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