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Maverick paddles

The whitewater paddle from Palm

Bomber blades – great price

There are plenty of great paddles out there, which cost a lot of money. There are plenty of budget paddles which are heavy and don’t perform well. So we started with a clean slate, chose our materials, designed a blade from scratch and built the best, the Maverick.


Enough strength and performance to battle grade 5 whitewater, and a price to suit your budget.
  • Maverick G1 polypropylene blade lightweight glass fibre shaft with an ovalised index grip
  • Maverick G3 nylon 6 blade lightweight glass fibre shaft with double squash oval index and a ground finish
  • Maverick G5 nylon 6 blade with a carbon/glass shaft (60% carbon, 40% glass fibre) with double squash oval index and a ground finish

They’ve been put to the test by our team in Patagonia, Piemonte, Britain and Norway. From the power of a high water Futaleufu, to the rock strewn waterfall runs in South Wales; these paddles have been used, abused, boofed, and other things too …


Maverick technology

Nylon 6

The combination of glass fibre and nylon during the injection moulding process creates a high resistance to abrasion and exceptional tensile strength.

Centre spine

In order to transfer your effort to the water, your paddle blade needs to be stiff. The spine section on the back of the Maverick paddle is engineered to spread the load across the blade surface, increasing stiffness whilst maintaining low weight.


Carbon fibre is phenomenally strong, stiff and light, however glass fibre is more flexible, and much better at absorbing impact energy. The Maverick G5 shaft uses a mix of the two to create a light, stiff paddle that will stand up to the demands of tough whitewater.