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Coniston deck

ITEM# 10562
  • Adjusable shock cord spraydeck
  • Reinforced fabric panels

The Coniston is ideal for recreation kayaks. It is a lightweight, rip­stop nylon high-back touring deck designed to fit a wide range of kayaks.

  • Adjusable shock cord spraydeck
  • Reinforced fabric panels


  • • 6 mm adjustable shock cord 
  • • 20 mm webbing release loop 
  • • 1680D reinforced panels 
  • • drawcord adjustable waist 
  • • moulded handle 
  • • reflective details 
  • • taped seams 
  • • waterproof ripstop nylon waist tube 


  • 442 g (N3), 412 g (N4), 476 g (N5), 473 g (N6), 517 g (N7)


  • PU coated nylon 210D ripstop fabric, 
  • PU coated nylon 420D ripstop fabric

Fabric composition

  • 100% nylon

Nylon spraydeck sizes

  • Metric
  • Imperial
Common nameCockpit length (cm)Cockpit width (cm)Examples
N2 Extra small 66 – 75 40 – 45 Dagger Axiom 6.9
N3 Small 73 – 82 42 – 50 slalom kayak
N4 Keyhole 81 – 91 45 – 55 Dagger Mamba Club
N5 Bigdeck 89 – 98 48 – 58 Dagger Katana
N6 Super big 96 – 105 55 – 60 Islander Fiesta
N7 Super tour 103 – 110 57 – 62 Dagger Zydeco, Islander Voro

Waist size

Waist (cm)
adjustable (one size) 60 – 127

Getting the right fit

Measure the length of your cockpit from the longest point of the outside of the cockpit rim from bow to stern.
Measure the width of your cockpit from the widest point of the outside of the cockpit rim.
Measure the waist circumference at the smallest part of your waist.
Cockpit sizes
You may want to choose a deck size larger than suggested here, especially if you kayak sits at the upper end of the recommended size. A wide short cockpit may fit the same size of spraydeck as a long narrow cockpit. Use the largest dimension to determine which spraydeck to purchase. Or better yet, visit one of our dealers and try before you buy.
Fitting your spraydeck
Check out our guide to putting on your spraydeck here. Make sure the release strap is outside the cockpit and easily accessible. Practise removing your spraydeck and getting out of your boat in a controlled situation so that you are able to remove the deck easily, even when upside down.
A tight fit
The shock cord that holds your nylon deck in place is adjustable. You can tighten or release the shock cord to fit tighter or to fit a different size kayak cockpit. A well fitted nylon spraydeck will not have too much baggy material, so it is better to choose a deck size to fit your kayak cockpit. The easiest spraydeck to put on might not stay on the best or keep the most water out. Which is most important to you?

EUUSCockpit length (in)Cockpit width (in)Examples
2 Extra small XS 26 – 29.5 16 – 18 Dagger Axiom 6.9
3 Small S 29 – 32.5 16.5 – 20 slalom kayak
4 Keyhole M 32 – 36 18 – 21.5 Dagger Code
5 Bigdeck L 35 – 38.5 19 – 23 Dagger Katana
6 Super big XL 38 – 41.5 21.5 – 23.5 Islander Fiesta
7 Super tour XXL 40.5 – 43.5 22.5 – 24.5 Dagger Zydeco

Waist size

Waist (in)
XXS 25 – 28
XS/S 28 – 31
M/L 31 – 38
XL/XXL 38 – 44
adjustable 24 – 50

Getting the right fit

N/R sizes (nylon or neoprene decks)
Nylon decks are marked with N sizes and neoprene decks are marked with R sizes. Because nylon spraydecks do not stretch like neoprene ones, touring boats with exceptionally large cockpits will usually need a larger size nylon deck than a neoprene one. A size 6 cockpit will often take a size 5 or 6 deck in neoprene.
A tight fit
The easiest spraydeck to put on might not stay on the best or keep the most water out. Which is most important to you? A neoprene spraydeck will become easier to put on a kayak when wet, so wet out the edge of your deck as you get in your boat. Over time, a neoprene spraydeck will stretch with use, becoming easier to put on your cockpit. KNytex, Gripsil, and other protective materials will reduce the amount of stretch in a deck making a good fit even more important. Nylon spraydecks do not stretch, so make sure you get a good fit before you buy, especially with larger cockpits. These charts are only a guide, kayak cockpits vary greatly in size and shape. Visit your local retailer and try the gear on to be sure of a good fit.

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