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15.03.17 07:31

La pluie est enfin revenue mouiller les rivières Irlandaises, et ça fait du bien ! Après quelques mois à s'entrainer sur du plat et sur la double chute dans Galway, tout le monde avait leurs yeux sur le radar et la météo.

10.03.17 14:49


Newbury UK. But these days It’s where ever my van is parked.

Where did you last paddle?

Nepal, Thuli Bheri.

10.03.17 12:14

A sea kayak guide and versatile Norwegian outdoorsman, his amazing photos will have you wishing you were right there too. Here are some quickfire answers from Kristoffer:

09.03.17 22:02

Surrounded by the sea, and with a varied coastline providing diverse fishing grounds, the UK has a lot to offer for the inshore kayak fisherman. Here are my top three rigs for catching a variety of saltwater species.



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